Are You a Foreign Investor Looking For The New Investment Opportunities?
residence permit
Investors in the Portuguese real estate will be issued an initial temporary residency visa active for one year.
free entry into the schengen countries
Portuguese Golden Visa allows investors to travel in Portugal, including visa-free entry to Schengen area countries.
family reunification
Under the Portuguese Golden Visa Program, family reunification is possible and easy. All dependent family members of the investor can apply for family reunification. When the Family Reunion application is approved, family members obtain the Residence Authorization.

To become eligible for the Golden Visa Program

Acquisition of property above 500,000 Euros
Acquisition of more than 30 years old of property valued at 350,000 Euros
Capital investment above 1,000,000 Euros
Transfer of funds above 350,000 Euros in small and medium-size companies
Creation of a minimum 10 jobs
Invest Strategically

Based on the Institute of Economics and Peace, Portugal is the third of the world’s safest and most peaceful countries. Foreign investors around the world are considering Portugal to be the country where they can turn their wise investments into high-earning potential. Today, the Portuguese Golden Visa Program is one of the most promising residency program for the investors across the world.

100% Refundable Investment After 5 Years
4% Annual Rental Return
At the end of January 2018, 5.7171 worldwide investors have participated in the Golden Visa Program, and 9.559 family members have been approved. Based on the Portuguese Immigration Service statistics, the investment amount through the Golden Visa Program has exceeded 3.51 billion Euros. Most foreign investors have chosen properties as preferable investment in Portugal.
Why should you invest into the country that is ranked for its high level of peace?
Key To Success
Caring For The Future