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CRS Score Keeps Dropping in Canada’s New Express Entry Draw

The latest draw conducted on January 30 issued 11,150 numbers of invitations, which is a very positive beginning this year in the Canada Express Entry system.

The lowest Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) it yesterday’s draw was 438. Compared to a previous draw on January 23, the score was reduced by 5 points. Again, it gives a very good picture for all draws that included all programs in the Express Entry pool since October 4, 2017.

Since Canada’s Express Entry system introduced in January 2015, there have been nearly 107 draws and a large number of people invited to apply for permanent residence.

Foreign nationals wishing to immigrate to Canada open their profiles in the Express Entry system and based on the requirements they match, they can be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class, and Canadian Experience Class.

Candidates with the highest Ranking Comprehensive Score (CSR) receive invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence through invitation rounds, which are normally open every two weeks.  The CRS is determined by factors such as candidates’ age, education, work experience and proficiency in English or French.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) used its tie-break rule in the January 30 draw. A tie-breaking rule is for candidates with the same lowest score in any profile. However, this rule doesn’t apply to applicants with a score higher than the lowest score selected. For example, Jack applied for Express Entry on the 15th February 2017 and has a CRS score of 500. In the meanwhile, Josh scored 500 but submitted his application on the 15th of February 2017. In this case, Jack will receive an ITA, while Josh will have to wait for the next round. So in the January 30 draw, candidates with scores of 438 and above received an Invitation to Apply.

In total, IRCC issued 11,150 invitations this month and the largest number of these was in January 2019. And we are proud to know that some of our clients, we helped to process documents appeared among those invitees.

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Canada Express Entry Next Draw Prediction  


The very first draw issued 779 invitations with the minimum eligible score being 886. Yet this triggered a lot of concern as most of the applicants in the system didn’t have a valid job offer in Canada. The subsequent draws added to these fears as every applicant chosen had a valid job offer.

Over time, the points awarded for job offers declined, meaning that even candidates without job offers (which is hard to get) have relatively higher scores. This was great news for those who submitted their profiles in the Express Entry system and since that, the CRS has slumped significantly.

When the score dropped to the low 400s, we were expecting that the minimum score selected in each draw would increase less drastically because there were thousands of candidates within this score range. That was exactly as we anticipated and since then the lowest score has been fluctuating between 435 and 400.

It is difficult to predict accurate next Express Entry draw, but based on Canada Express Entry latest draw news, the trend for 2019 is to increase the number of draws and accordingly, ITAs.

Candidates who have their Express Entry profiles can increase their chances to get an invitation. Although it is preferred that candidates have a job offer, it isn’t a must requirement. Without a job offer, an applicant can score more points if he provides complete information about his work experience and that information should be supplemented by reference letters from each employer he worked for. Also, it is important to meet minimum language requirements in English or French.

One of our clients who received an application in this January 30 draw is 30 years old and neither studied or worked in Canada. He took his IELTS exam and provided proof of work experience in his country of residence –  this was enough for him to score 438 and thus, receive an invitation to apply.

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