Our Company


Solid Visa was originally founded in Tallinn, Estonia and was designed to offer visa and immigration application processing. As the company expanded, we realized the importance of having another office in Canada. Currently, Solid Visa has two offices – in Portugal and in Canada.

The company provides effective solutions evolved into the smooth process, which includes client assessment, gathering all necessary documents, assistance in finding a job in Canada, collection and reimbursement of fees and other services to increase the clients’ chances of obtaining visas.

Over two years, our solutions have improved the way application services are managed since our establishment at the end of 2016.

We can help you with:
  • Providing you with visa options according to your assessment results;
  • Recommending the right type of visa for you;
  • A full assessment of your skills;
  • Visa application processing;
  • Immigration application processing;
  • Selection and enrollment to the post-secondary institutions of Canada;
  • Consular gathering;
  • Lodging your application and all your documents;
  • Applying to the Canadian Embassy in the country of your residence on your behalf.


Apart from a professional agent who is responsible for explaining the procedures, a special legal department representative is assigned to every client. The representative collects all the necessary documents, assists throughout the whole process and keeps in touch with clients whenever it is needed.

We have acquired extensive knowledge in resolving very complicated cases (refugee families, refugees with no passports) and there’s no case that can stop us from achieving success. In fact, we turn difficulties into opportunities.

If you are willing to come to Canada, we are ready to help you at every step of your Canadian dream.

For more details about the application process, visit our FAQ page.