Information on COVID-19 and Immigration to Canada

Solid Visa is a private immigration firm that provides information related to Canadian immigration process. With an experienced team of professionals, Solid Visa helps the applicants to obtain citizenship or apply for a Canadian Visa. Solid Visa was designed to offer visa and immigration application processing.

Solid Visa currently recruits a team of professionals who are trained thoroughly to deliver the most satisfying experience to our customers. Our company agents have expertise in all areas related to Canadian immigration matters and provide representation and advice to foreign nationals who are looking to obtain a Canadian visa and enter Canada on a permanent or temporary basis.

Here, in Solid Visa, we understand the impact of immigrating to another country, this is why over the years we have devised a unique plan that guarantees a safe and secure process with the help of our professionals. Solid Visa provides services which include:

  • Consultation

  • Legal Advice

  • Providing with legal representation

  • Personal Immigration Platform

  • Dedicated personal agent

  • Assigned personal support team

  • All the assistance in correlation to visa procedures

The most important tool that guarantees the applicants’ satisfaction is access to the personal immigration platform. This is a tool uniquely designed by Solid Visa to help applicants be in charge of their immigration case. Immigration Platform offers a variety of options to monitor the process, application status, required documents, language courses, and test preparation, get updates about policy changes or the expected deadlines which are connected specifically to the applicant’s case.

Solid Visa is focused on getting clients to Canada in the shortest possible time and in the smoothest way imaginable. To make the immigration process more secure and to strengthen the immigration case, even more, we have partnered up with major HR and recruiting companies who make it easier for our customers to accommodate their every need. Together, we aim to meet our customer’s satisfaction.

Our main goal is to have the customers involved in the process as much as possible and at the same time make sure they do not have to go through the stress which is naturally connected to the immigration process itself. This is why we have assembled the best team of professionals to handle all the complications in the best way possible. We provide not only the immigration services but also the comfort that cannot be acquired in any other agency.

Solid Visa is a reputable company with good standing in the community, this is why your success is our success. We have built a reputation upon the names of our successful candidates and we will continue to provide outstanding service.