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Solid Visa is a private immigration company dedicated to providing immigration preparation services and guidance on various Canadian immigration and citizenship programs. Our team comprises goal-oriented and highly experienced immigration experts who use their wealth of experience in the Canadian immigration system to help prospective immigrants navigate the process.

We offer immigration preparation services to foreign nationals aiming to obtain a visa and enter Canada on a temporary or permanent basis. It is our belief that the immigration process should be made affordable, simple, accessible, and timely for all applicants. We are focused on getting our clients to Canada in the smoothest way and within the shortest possible time. For this reason, we exhaust resources and time in ensuring applicants get it right with their immigration case.

We have partnered with leading Canadian HR and recruiting agencies to significantly improve our client’s chances of landing competitive job offers and having successful visa applications.

We provide platforms and services that ensure our clients get up-to-date information about their applications, enjoy timely visa processing times, and make the most of their time in Canada. Applicants who work with us enjoy the following perks and many more:


Legal Advice by our team of RCIC's

Assigned Personal Support Team

Personal Immigration Platform

Dedicated Personal Agent

All Required Assistance Regarding Visa Application Procedures



Our main goal is to get our clients involved in their immigration case process and, at the same time, take the usual stress and burden naturally connected to the immigration process off their neck.

To achieve this, we have assembled the best team of experts to professionally handle these complications and pitfalls. Our services go beyond just immigration guidance but also include comfortability and smooth accessibility that cannot be accessed in any other agency.

Solid Visa prides itself as a reputable firm with good standing in the immigration service community, which is why your success is our success. Over the years, we have built a reputation and excellent track record upon the testimonials of many of our successful candidates. And we are willing and able to even build on our achievements with every applicant’s case we handle.

The way we work


The Canadian government offers over 70 immigration pathways for different demographics of foreign nationals from across the world. These programs are designed to ensure every eligible foreign citizen access a smooth entry into Canada and enjoy their stay, regardless of their backgrounds, goals, and needs. This gives room for families, skilled workers, business people, international students, and other categories of people to explore their options and choose the visa program that best suits their needs.

Canada is regarded as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. However, its immigration system is ever-dynamic and often reviewed to meet its socio-economic needs at a given time. As a result, the current requirements for a visa may not remain the same next year or even in some months to come. This requires every visa applicant to also stay up to date and be dynamic in their approach.

Therefore, as an immigration preparation firm, we take a strategic approach to helping our clients see their Canadian immigration dream come to reality. From our over a decade of experience in this community, we have come to understand that the Canadian immigration system highly favors applicants that demonstrate preparedness for the ever-changing Canadian social and economic environment. This leverage is essential in every immigration program, whether it is family reunification, employment-based, investment program, or study route.

As a result, we employ a pragmatic approach that goes beyond just visa application procedures. We ensure our clients are well equipped for the immigration route they choose to play. We provide international standard coaching, training, and support to our clients to make their immigration process hitch-free, secure a competitive job, gain admission, reunite with their families, etc.

With this approach, our team has helped many applicants obtain their visas, secured temporary and permanent resident permits, and become Canadian citizens. We approach each immigration program with a well-deigned strategy tailored to meet the requirements and challenges posed by that visa: We work with you to:

  • Evaluate your points

  • Determine the best immigration program you should apply for based on your profile.

  • Prepare your documents in the most convincing and suitable format to apply for the chosen program.

  • Assist you in finding and securing job offers through specially designated Headhunting and HR recruitment agencies

  • Prepare you for the immigration language examinations through specially designed language courses.

  • Provide you with the coaching services

  • Submit your file and documents

  • Give you constant updates about the upcoming payments and deadlines

  • Update you about any changes in your application




As part of our efforts to land you a good job timely and with ease, Solid Visa offers headhunting and HR recruiting services. We partner with HR professionals, job market analysts, and research teams to find career opportunities for our clients. We screen these opportunities and share with each client the most suitable openings for that profile.

The goal is to ensure our clients secure highly competitive and attractive job offers that will greatly improve their chances of entering Canada. We offer headhunting services that include upgrading clients’ CVs to Canadian standards, applying for jobs on their behalf, facilitating meetings and interviews with prospective Canadian-based employers, and many more.

Coaching Service

We offer coaching services to maximize your preparedness towards the Canadian social and economic environment. We assign you a dedicated coach who will constantly provide you with the necessary information and updates about life in Canada. You will be coached on the best ways to perfect your travel plan, start a new life after arrival, and each preparation stage you need to go through as a new immigrant to Canada.

Personal Immigration Platform

Personal Immigration Platform is one of our most cherished services and is unique and exclusive to Solid Visa. In other words, we designed it specifically to help our clients. Immigration Platform is a tool that allows you to be in charge of your immigration case. It offers you access to follow up on your application process, application status, required supporting documents, language courses, and preparation for a test. You also get updates on policy changes and expected deadlines regarding your specific case.

Get Ready For Immigration Process

After securing a job offer, admission to Canada, or other necessary criteria, we move swiftly to start working on your travel to Canada. We work with you to gather the necessary documents and information needed for the timely process of your application. It is important to enter Canada before the start date of your job, study, or other travel purposes. Hence being ready ahead of time is quite important.

Arriving in Canada

We will prepare you for a smooth entry to Canada. We share with you the required resources that will aid your travel and settling down after arrival. We also guide you on how to make the most of your stay and navigate through the process of securing all important documents needed to reside in Canada temporarily or permanently.

Language Examination Preparation

We help our applicants improve their English and French competence with designated online courses. This will boost their language points for the immigration assessment and improves the overall chances of application approval.

Securing a Work Permit

We don’t just help you secure a job offer but also assist in obtaining an appropriate work permit for you. Our team will help you determine the right work permit type (open or employer-specific) in your own case.

We also help in gathering the necessary documents and submission of your work permit application. Securing the right work permit will enable you to work lawfully and hitch-free in Canada. If you enter Canada as a temporary resident, obtaining a work permit is a big step close to your permanent resident status.



Student Visa

Our team will help you secure admission into highly reputable institutions in Canada and guide you through the immigration process of obtaining your student visa. Canada study permit is one of the most sought globally because of the many benefits attached to it. Your study permit allows:

  • - You to study and work

  • - Your children and spouse to accompany you to Canada

  • - Your spouse to work

  • - Takes you a step closer to permanent residence through PNP, FSWP CEC, and other routes

Working Holiday Visa

We can help you obtain a Canadian Working Holiday Visa (WHV) if you meet the eligibility requirements for the program. Benefits of securing a WHV include:

  • Temporary permit with 12- or 24-months lawful stay in Canada

  • Access to job opportunities

  • Valuable Canadian work experience to boost your career trajectory

  • Earn enough to cover your travel and adventure expenses

  • Opportunity to learn or improve your English or French-speaking ability

  • Work for more than one employer

  • Travel and work in different locations in Canada

Work Permit

We help you secure the work permit type that suits your purpose in Canada. Depending on your status, we can help you obtain an open work permit that allows you to work for any employer anywhere in Canada or an employer-specific work permit tied to particular employment. Benefits of getting a Canadian work permit include the following:

  • Get job offers with well-defined work conditions and fair wages & remigrations

  • Your employee rights are well protected by the Canadian Labour Standards

  • A great chance toward permanent residence

Other Programs we process include:

  • Express Entry

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

  • Start-Up Visa

  • Self Employed Persons Program

  • Family Class Sponsorship

  • Quebec Immigration

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot

  • Home Care Support Worker Pilot

  • Home Child Care Provider Pilot

  • Live-in Caregiver Program

  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

  • Agri-Food Immigration Pilot