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A professional immigration consultant knows all the ins and outs of the immigration rules. So he can get you where you want to be. Whether this is acquiring a work permit in Canada or obtaining permanent residency, an expert RCIC is a reliable expert to make your dream come true.

Perhaps, you will manage to go through the process on your own. However, there’s a probability you would have something missing on your application that brings all documents together in the complicated regulatory system. When it comes to immigration to Canada, you should play it safe.

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Our Immigration lawyers are committed in their efforts to make it possible for clients to immigrate to Canada in the shortest possible time using the best stream that sorts their profile. In addition, our Immigration layers take responsibility in helping clients to find homes and even employment in Canada. Particularly, our immigration lawyers are professionals in all areas relating to the Canadian immigration process.

As a result, SolidVisa only retains experts who guide and help our clients in every step of the way. That is to say, we provide Immigration services to our client’s base on the Canadian government requirement. In the same way our experienced experts Immigration lawyers have helped thousands of clients to successfully pull through their immigration process over the years.

Due to our dedication to providing quality services to our clients, our company has earned respect and looked upon distinctively among our peers. SolidVisa prides itself on using their staffs to fulfill the client’s goals to move to Canada.


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SolidVisa is Canada’s professional immigration company with over 15 years of experience assisting a diverse global clientele. We are headquartered in Ontario, Canada.
SolidVisa offers a full range of Canadian immigration services for employers, temporary workers, individuals, and their families. Whether you are coming to Canada to work, join your family, or seek new opportunities, SolidVisa can help. If you are an employer who needs an expert to manage your global mobility needs, SolidVisa has the depth and breadth of expertise to provide your business with immigration support to ensure a global mobility program operates smoothly and efficiently.
Our fundamental goal is to help our clients successfully accomplish their immigration-related objectives. We succeed in a competitive environment and challenge other law firms through dynamic solutions to complex Canadian immigration problems.
Fill out our Free Evaluation Form to see if you qualify for Canadian immigration or contact us for experienced assistance regarding any Canadian immigration matter, including work and study permit applications.
Our Immigration experts provide assistance in all areas of the Canadian immigration law, including the Family and Spousal Sponsorships, Skilled Worker, the Canadian Experience Class, and Express Entry applications, Permanent Resident Card renewals, Citizenship applications, Humanitarian applications, Work Permits, Study Permits and Visitor Visas, as well as the full range of immigration litigation services including appeals to the Federal Court. A Canadian Immigration Consultant Can Explain Which Immigration Stream Is Right For You.

Benefits Of Hiring A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Canada is a great country with lots of opportunities for work and living. This is why so many people from all over the world are seeking to immigrate to Canada. In fact, the country needs newcomers that can contribute to its diverse economy. Therefore, the federal government has come up with a plan to bring a certain number of newcomers each year.

Last year, 310,000 newcomers arrived in Canada. Every year this number will increase to 330,800 in 2019, 341,000 in 2020 and reach 350,000 in 2021. Most immigrants will be coming through general economic programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Provincial Nominee Program. Why not become one of them?

However, anyone ever involved in the process will confirm, making the way through immigration regulation isn’t a journey you’d want to go alone. There’s a long paperwork process that even natural-born Canadian citizens would find difficult to dealwith; let alone applicants from other countries for whom English is not their first language.

In reality, many potential immigrants have a vague understanding of what is required of them at the time of application. Consequently, this lack of information prevents them from getting into the country and staying here legally. You shouldn’t allow poor legal representation to become the reason you fail to immigrate to Canada.

We would like to outline the ways you can benefit from hiring an immigration consultant to present you through the complex trail of the legal system.

A Canadian Immigration Consultant Acts On Behalf Of The ICCRC

The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is a national regulatory body that overlooks licensed immigration experts or consultants. Certified consultants receive an ICRCC number proving their status and thus, allowing them to provide legal assistance to foreigners willing to immigrate to Canada. Being part of this regulatory body implies a renewal of consultants’ license annually to ensure their professional development. SolidVisa RCIC works in accordance with this requirement, which means a knowledgeable and competent consultant will walk you through the process. Our high priority - to protect your interests.

A Canadian Immigration Consultant Eludes Mistakes

It is important to know how to fill the correct paperwork to get a visa, apply for the right immigration program, and submit your immigration application, including other procedures. This paperwork is usually extensive and difficult, and without the assistance of an expert, there’s a high chance to make mistakes that can result in rejecting the entire application. An experienced immigration consultant can guide you through the correct process to apply for work and study permits, the correct immigration programs.