The application process depends on the immigration program a candidate is intending to apply for.

There are two main ways to immigrate to Canada. One path is obtaining a permanent residence visa by applying for one of the immigration programs. The other way is coming to Canada as a skilled worker on a temporary work permit

A Canadian permanent residency gives an individual the same rights and obligations as Canadian citizens. To apply for a permanent residency, candidates must have been residing in Canada 730 days during the last five years and these days don’t need to be uninterrupted. After three years of Canadian residency, permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship, and Canada allows dual citizenships. Therefore, there’s no need for newcomers to give up their current passports.  

The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada runs six main immigration streams. These streams are:

Therefore, it is important to determine an applicant’s eligibility, whether he or she can apply as an immigrant, visitor, worker or a student in Canada.

Our evaluation form is a helpful tool which assesses applicants’ personal and work experience to define their eligibility for a particular immigration program.