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Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program (QSWP)


 The Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program (QSWP) is available for foreign self-employed people who are planning to immigrate to Quebec and create their own job there.

Besides general requirements for the Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program, you will be evaluated on many factors. These are your education, work experience, proficiency in French or English, personal characteristics, and your managerial experience.

 The Quebec Self-Employed Program differs from the Federal Self-Employed Program. In fact, it considers high-skilled professionals in a wide range of fields other than those working in arts or sports.

 However, it’s important to keep in mind that some self-employed occupations in Quebec require a license; if those occupations fall under the regulated occupations category.

 Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program Requirements

 To qualify for the Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program, you must:

  • Come to Quebec to create your own job by practicing a profession or running business activities, alone or with other immigration candidates, with or without paid help;
  • Make a start-up deposit at a financial institution in the region where you plan to practice your trade or profession:
  • C$25,000 start-up deposit if you intend to practice your trade or profession outside the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) area;
  • C$50,000 start-up deposit if you plan to practice your trade or profession in the MMC area.
  • Have minimum net assets of C$100,000 in conjunction, if applicable, with your accompanying spouse or de facto spouse, and evidence that you acquired these funds legally;
  • Have at least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the profession or trade you intend to practice in Quebec.

Your application under the Quebec Self-Employed Program will also be assessed on other factors and requirements, such as:

  • Your age and the age of your spouse or de facto spouse, if applicable;
  • Your level of education and that of your spouse or de facto spouse, if applicable;
  • Your language skills in French or English;
  • Your financial self-sufficiency;
  • Your visits to Quebec;
  • Your family in Quebec.


Other Opportunities for Immigration to Quebec


 If for some reasons you don’t have enough qualifications to immigrate under the Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program, you should consider other options. To immigrate as an entrepreneur, you can check your eligibility for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program and the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Additionally, there are economic streams such as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Quebec Experience Class (PEQ), and the Family Reunification Program.

 Before giving a short description of each of them, we’d like to highlight the advantages of the Quebec immigration programs. First of all, Quebec immigration streams are better alternatives to federal programs. Secondly, they are like a new variation of the previous federal programs, which are not operating at the moment.

 In this sense, Quebec immigration programs always have been the last resort for immigrants. However, before applying for the Quebec immigration program you need to take into account a few things. For example, your proficiency in French and your intention to reside only in the province of Quebec. Additionally, if you have English-speaking children, you are likely to face difficulties with finding English school for them. Similarly, when it comes to running a business in Quebec or employment, you will achieve more success if you can communicate both, in French and in English. 

 Now, let’s see what are other options to immigrate to Quebec.


Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)


 The Quebec Skilled Worker Program has similarities with the Federal Skilled Worker Program, though, it appoints scores differently. One of the important factors is knowledge of French, including an applicant’s education and relevant work experience. Successful candidates receive a Quebec Selection Certificate, which allows them to apply for a Canadian permanent residence.


Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)


 The Quebec Experience Class is similar to the federal Canadian Experience Class (CEC) covering students and temporary workers in Quebec. Students must have completed a full-time study program at the recognized post-secondary education in Quebec within the last three years at the time of application. As for temporary workers, they should have at least one year of work experience in the last 2 years. Candidates for both categories must demonstrate Advanced Intermediate Level of French language and must be legally residing in Quebec.


Quebec Family Reunification Program


 Like the Federal Family Reunification Category, the Quebec Family Reunification Category allows a permanent resident or Canadian citizen living in Quebec sponsor his close relatives to move to the province. There are other requirements a sponsor and a sponsored person must meet to be eligible for the Quebec Family Reunification Program.


Quebec Entrepreneur Program (QEO)


 If you have a successful experience in running and operating a business and you acquire sufficient funds to purchase a business in Quebec, you might consider the Quebec Entrepreneur Program. The general requirement assumes the managerial experience of the applicant and the ability to create a new job in the province.


Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)


 To apply for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, you have to be ready to invest a significant amount. However, you don’t need to run business personally in the province and hire local residents.