Prince Edward Island - is one of the so-called coastal provinces of Canada. The province is located about 200 km north of Halifax, New Scotia province and 600 km east of Quebec City, Quebec province. The province consists of the main island that carries the same name, and several smaller islands. The province has the smallest population of about 146 thousand people and the smallest area in comparison with all other provinces of Canada, totaling 5660 square kilometers. Prince Edward Island is the only province in Canada that does not have a land border.

The island has several unofficial names: Garden of the Gulf is the name given to the province because of extensive farmland, as well as Birthplace of Confederation or Cradle of Confederation because of the historic conference held in Charlottetown with representatives of the colonies that made up British North America to discuss the founding of the Canadian Confederation. The conference was held from September 1 to 9 of 1864.

The capital and the largest city of the province of Prince Edward Island, is the city of Charlottetown (Charlottetown) with a population of 35.5 thousand people.

Economy and Employment

Prince Edward Island boasts a growing economy. Island businesses keep on producing the highest quality of products and service to the market.

The economy consists of traditional resources, such as agriculture, fisheries and tourism that experience significant modernization. This is also true for new industry sectors including bioscience and advanced manufacturing. Local and foreign businessmen are the main players in the PEI’s economic success.

As of October 2018, the number of jobs peaked an all-time high of 76,900 and the median wage is $11.55 per hour. Besides, the local government offers many different programs for students to help them get employed.


This Canada’s smallest province has some substantial opportunities in higher education, particularly, in trades and science.

Around 50 percent of population lives in the provincial capital, Charlottetown, which is also home to the only university in the province. The university of Prince Edward Island has one of the lowest tuition fees. Under the Pan-Canadian Protocol on the Transferability of University Credits, students completing the first two years of their university program in Canada, will be recognized and fully credited for the purpose of granting a degree.


The culture of Prince Edward Island takes roots in the Mikmaq First Nations who inhabited the island before it became a colony “rested on the waves” – Epekwitk. Todays they represent a minority group. Most of the culture belongs to culture of the migrated people that has its own unique flavor.

In the beginning of the 1900s Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote a series of books known as Anne of Green Gables based on real place on Prince Edward Island. Green Gables is a beautiful house that people can visit today.

Music is also the important part of the cultural life here. This is the Celtic-based music which originally came from the Scottish Highlands and Ireland.

Two Olympic medalists is bobsledding are from PEI. In the overall, the island has a lot to offer and is home to many people, stories, and other fantastic things. It’s not only a beautiful place, but also a lovely community.


There are major cities, which are the two biggest municipalities in PEI: Charlottetown and Summerside. There are also a number of smaller municipalities – smaller towns. They include Cornwall, Tignish, and Georgetown.

PEI Provincial Nominee Program

Business Category

100% Ownership Stream

for foreign nationals who will assume full ownership of a local business. This can either be a new business the person will start, or an existing PEI business which the individual will buy in its entirety.

Partial Ownership Stream

Instead of owning the entire business, this immigration PEI stream is for foreign nationals who will purchase part of a local business. The individual must either purchase at least one third of the business, or make a minimum equity investment in the company of at least CAD $1,000,000..

Work Permit Stream

this stream grants the foreign national a work permit so he or she can move to PEI and work in the business they plan to invest in. This is great if the individual wants to experience the day-to-day operations of the business before they actually invest money.

Otherwise, the work permit stream has the same requirements as the partial ownership stream.

Labor Impact Category

Skilled Worker Stream

for individuals who have been hired or will be hired by a PEI employer. Eligible candidates need to have knowledge and experience in a skilled profession, including post-secondary education.

Critical Worker Stream

for workers in either a semi-skilled or unskilled profession. The individual must either be currently working for a PEI business, or have a PEI employer who will sponsor them for permanent residency. Some examples of occupations which fit in this category include general labor, housekeeping, truck driving, and food service.

PEI Express Entry

The Canada Express Entry system allows the province of Prince Edward Island to attract potential immigrants for their provincial nominee program. The province can send a "notification of interest" to people whose Express Entry profiles match the criteria the province is seeking, or potential immigrants can apply directly to the program under the Business Impact or Labor Impact categories.