Quebec Investor Program

Canada offers the most comprehensive investment based immigration programs granting permanent resident status.

Significantly, Canada also offers social benefits with reasonable high levels of taxation and exceptional quality of life. The Canadian model creates an environment for business immigrants who can enjoy the perks of a national health care program, affordable and excellent education, and a national pension system with a stable income.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is the only provincial immigration stream that allows candidates to gain permanent residence through passive investment.

Within this program, applicants will be able to make investments for a five-year period while other Canadian provinces offering streams for businesses require that applicants run business actively.

New eligibility criteria became effective on August 2, 2018. The main changes include higher net asset and investment requirements. 

Previously, net assets had to be CAD $1.6 million, and CAD $ 800,000 for investment. Now, entrepreneurs are required to demonstrate their net asset of CAD $2million and investment of CAD $1.2 million.

As mentioned above, the investment must be for a five-year period, and the investment agreement must be concluded through a middleman who can participate in the QIIP. 

The investment of CAD $1.2 million is guaranteed. It means that the Quebec government will reimburse its complete amount after five years.


To meet requirements for the Investor Program, you should:

Have, alone or with your common-law partner, legally obtained net assets of at least 
C$200,000 apart from any amounts received by donation less than six months prior to your date of application;

Have at least two years of management experience in the five years prior to the date of submitting the application. This also includes any responsibilities related to the planning, management, and control of financial, human or material resources under your supervision before the application date for a selection certificate;
Prove that you plan to settle in Quebec; 
Conclude an investment agreement with a financial intermediary (broker or trust company) legally allowed to participate in the Investor Program;
Make a five-year term investment of C$1200,000 with Investissement Quebec - Immigrants Investisseurs Inc.