To be eligible for business immigration to Canada under the Self-employed Program, a candidate must be self-employed in relevant artistic, athletic or agricultural field in their country of origin. In addition, the candidate must be able to contribute significantly to one of the three fields through their relevant experience and skills in Canada in order to get invited by the IRCC. The National Occupation Classification of Canada provides a full list of all the occupation types that fall under these three categories.

At the time of application, candidates must meet requirements in order to receive points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Candidates with the highest scores, receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in Canada. However, your score can always be improved throughout the process as you gain new skills or qualifications and get references or recommendations.

Candidates receive scores based on their age, including the age of a spouse or a common-law partner. Younger candidates receive more scores, while older applicants receive less or no points under this stream. 

The number of years of experience in a candidate’s field is important and the more years the better. In an occupation, such as athletics, having been an athlete on an internationally competitive level is also viewed as an experience. Candidate’s achievements and globally recognized awards in the listed profession, also count as an experience. Applicants also get scores for their education and proficiency in English or French.

The last and important factor is adaptability which evaluates how a candidate will be able to quickly adapt in a new country. Canada is a diverse, multicultural country with a lot of international communities, but together they work in harmony to build a strong economy and enrich cultural history. The criteria for this has to do with Canadian work experience, whether a candidate or his spouse studied in Canada and what family connections they have in the country.

One of the advantages of the Self-employed Program by which it stands out from an Entrepreneur Immigration Program is that there is no net-asset requirement. Yet you must prove you have sufficient funds for living expenses for yourself and any dependents coming in Canada with you.

Candidates must have two years of experience in a selected field to work in that area of culture, athletics or agriculture. Unlike the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which requires qualification in a chosen field, there is much more flexibility in terms of entrepreneurship.

If you intend to settle in one of Canada’s provinces or territories as a professional athlete, farmer, or artisan, you may qualify to obtain a business immigrant visa for yourself and your family. You can apply via the following programs:

  1. Federal Self-Employed Program

Under a point-based grading system which evaluates eligible business immigrants, the Federal Self-Employed Persons Program considers applicants who have two years of relevant work experience within their field as evidence that they can be successfully self-employed in any Canadian province except Quebec.

  1. Quebec Self-Employed Program

Like the Federal Self-Employed Program, the Quebec Self-Employed Program requires candidates to prove they can be successfully self-employed within their field. This program also assumes a minimum net asset requirement of $100,000 and the intention to reside in Quebec.

  1. Provincial Nominee Programs for Self-Employed

If the foreign national wants to settle in one of Canada’s provinces, they can apply for a Self-Employed stream under the Provincial Nominee Program. Each province sets its own eligibility requirements and criteria. Often there are many requirement convergences that can be seen in other business immigration programs, such as years of experience and proof of personal funds.

If you are considering to start, invest in or purchase a business in Canada, our Solid Visa immigration consultants will assist you in submitting your documentation correctly and on time. Our visa agents will also consult you on the visa options based on your individual profile. 

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