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    As there have appeared some tough questions about the Canadian Visa Consultation Service, we tried to make a short overview about such business. We answered all frequently asked questions to make everything clear for you. The main aim of this article is to explain what kind of help you will get from visa expert, a consultant company. Unfortunately, some people try to spread wrong information, which does not rely on real facts. They could make a non-professional overview that can mislead you. If you have not found the answers to your questions, you must contact us, since we could help you in a better way.

    You must remember that our main goal is to help you to receive a Canadian Visa. We will use our professionalism and experience in this field, to make your dreams come true.


    #1 Exactly what kind of help can you give me with your consultation?

    #2 Will we make some contract and what percentage of guarantee do you give me?

    #3 How are you going to deal with all the tedious work instead of me?

    #4 Will you do these application procedures faster than I would do on my own at Canadian embassy?

    #5 How can I be sure that it is real and you are really working on my visa procedures? For example: providing some important documents of the company.

    #6 How professionally are you working? Can I see some feedbacks from your clients or documents?

    #7 Why should I pay for you when I can do it on my own at Canadian embassy?

    #8 You are calling me again; I have refused your offer once? Can you not interrupt me anymore?

    #9 Why should I give you my private documents and pay more for your consultation, while I can do it on my own?

    #10 Why should I trust you?

    #11 How can I be sure that is if pay you I will get a result?

    #12 On what does it depend, how much I will have to pay FOR YOU?

    #13 You cannot give me visa and why do you offer me to submit documents in your company? Will you give me a visa or is it a Canada’s duty?

    #14 Everything sounds so good to be true. how is it possible?

    #15 How can I be safe with the only online service? When I do not meet you in life.How often will I get updates from you about my application process?

    #16 After my payment will I get some signed document?

    #17 How can I control the process of discussing (approving) my application?

    #18 Are there some ways my application to be discussed (approved) faster?

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