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  • Healthcare in Canada.


    Basic Health Insurance

    Healthcare in Canada is mostly free at the time of use, as it is paid for through the taxes. All Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to public health insurance. Each province and territory has its own health insurance plan. It is important to know what your plan covers.

    Emergency medical services will be provided for free in all provinces and territories, even if you do not have a government health card. Restrictions may apply, depending upon individual’s immigration status. In case of emergency, you should go to nearest hospital. If you go to a walk-in clinic, you may be charged a fee.


    Getting a Health Care Card

    To receive health care in Canada you will need to obtain a health insurance card from the region where you live. This card must be presented each time you get medical services. The health Card is issued by the provincial or territorial government and allows access to insured health care services.

    Visit your provincial or territorial website for details about application procedures.


    Extra Health Insurance

    Although government health plans cover all the basic medical services, not everything is included. You may opt for extra care insurance that covers the costs of:

    • Dental treatments
    • Physiotherapy
    • Ambulance services
    • Certain prescription medications
    • Prescription eyeglasses


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