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    Immigration to Canada

    Solid Visa provides the services to help you obtain the Canadian Work Permit, Study Permit, Business Visa, Visit Visa or eTA. As a consulting agency, we provide you with all the detailed information about the application process, help you collect the documents you will need and guide you through the whole procedure. Our professional team does its best to ensure your success in the Canadian Immigration process. We help you move to Canada easily and smoothly. To prepare yourself for immigration to Canada, learn more.  It is important to note that we are the only consulting agency that provides special English Language Books for applicants to help them obtain the English Language Certificate and increase their chances of immigrating to Canada.  The books are shipped directly to the country of your residence.

    Solid Visa provides you with post-landing services as well. Our agency offers you a professional advice if you want to open a bank account in Canada. To learn about the Canadian banking system, you can click here. We assist you in finding local services such as hospitals and English/French language courses. As having a health care card is an essential part of living in Canada, we offer special assistance on how to get it.

    To find information about health care in Canada, you can follow this link. Additionally, we provide immigrant parents with the exact information about how they can register their children at school.


    Our agency assists you in obtaining the following types of Visas and Permits:

    Temporary Work Permit

    Many Canadian employers, having difficulty finding workers with the skills and experience needed for their business, choose to hire foreign workers. Hundreds of thousands of people arrive in Canada each year to work on a temporary basis. Many are attracted by higher wages, better working and living conditions, as well as a chance to gain Canadian work experience. It is important to note that the application process takes approximately 7-8 months for the temporary work permit.

    If you are interested in working temporarily in Canada, Solid Visa:

    • Assesses your skills and experience according to labor market demands in different parts of Canada;
    • Tells you which documents are required for obtaining a Temporary Work Permit;
    • Helps you find information about job opportunities from a Canadian employer;
    • Helps you find a Canadian employer while you are waiting for the visa in the country of your residence;
    • Guides you in the process of obtaining a Social Insurance Number in Canada (SIN);
    • Gives you exact information about medical requirements and insurance in Canada;
    • Helps you renew, change or extend your work permit;
    • Provides you with the English Language Books to prepare for the Language Test in order to strengthen your position for receiving a Temporary Work Permit and to increase your chances of obtaining a Temporary Work Permit.

    To learn more about work permit requirements, click here.


    Study Permit

    Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of International Students who decide to pursue a higher education in Canada. In addition, many more arrive in Canada on short-term programs, to learn English or French and to take general interest courses.

    We help students get a special Canadian study permit, which allows them to both study and work in Canada. Eligible students can gain valuable Canadian work experience through off-campus employment during their studies. To learn more about on-campus and off-campus work, click here. International post-graduates may apply for a Work Permit in Canada after completing their studies. International graduates have a clear pathway to permanent residence in Canada and, eventually, citizenship.

    We have already helped thousands of young people fulfill their dreams of studying in Canada by providing assistance with:

    • Giving information on where and how to find and choose a school in Canada that can host international students (designated learning institutions);
    • Obtaining a study permit (the application process takes approximately 6 months);
    • Giving the exact information about the documents that are required to submit for receiving the study permit;
    • Finding the exact place to take IELTS (International English Language Testing System) in Canada as some institutions require that from students to demonstrate sufficient language ability;
    • Finding and booking accommodation in Canada – thousands of student rooms and shared flats across Canada;
    • Providing with the English Language Book to prepare for the Language Test in order to strengthen your position for receiving a Study Permit.

    To learn more about study permits in general, click here.


    Business Visa

    Canadian Business Immigration is looking for individuals with business and managerial experience who can support the development of the Canadian economy. If you would like to make an investment in Canada or to acquire a business in Canada, there are several programs you can choose from: Federal Start-Up Visa Program, Quebec Business Immigration and PNP Business Immigration.

    We can help you:

    • Get the exact information about the required documents to obtain a Business Visa through all business immigration programs;
    • Get advice about trustworthy Canadian banks where you can take a loan;
    • Receive the Special English Language Books to prepare for the English Language Test for increasing your chances of obtaining a Business Visa.


    Visit Visa

    Nowadays Canada is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. The country offers a lot from modern, multicultural cities to fascinating natural wonders. There are very few countries in the world that can boast of the number and range of natural wonders like Canada can. You can enjoy mountain ranges, lakes, forests, arctic lands and even a small amount of desert. The various landscapes full of surprises can give you some of the most memorable days.

    There are plenty of people, who are willing to travel across Canada. However, the process of getting a Visit Visa is not that easy. The Canadian Immigration Department is very strict towards the list of documents that you provide, as they need to make sure you are not planning to come and stay in Canada illegally. That is why the application process time for a Visit Visa is 2-3 months.

    Solid Visa can:

    • provide clients with full assistance through the application process so that the application is submitted accurately. That gives the highest chance to get the visitor visa;
    • give 100 percent guarantee for clients with UAE passports to get a visit visa in four working days;
    • help clients to find information about hotels and places, where they can live during their stay in Canada;



    Getting eTA is a simple online process. It only takes about 15 minutes to fill in the form for eTA Canada and pay the handling charge. Only people with a European Union passport can obtain eTA, which is linked to a traveler’s passport electronically. It is valid for up to five years. It is important to note that receiving eTA cannot guarantee people that they will enter Canada by all means, they have to present their passports and other required documents.

    Solid Visa provides you with all the important information for obtaining eTA and applies for it on your behalf. Everyone can apply for this electronic visa through the internet, but they are often rejected because they lack the important information. Our professional team guarantees that the applications will be submitted accurately, which will increase the chances of obtaining eTA significantly. Application process time for eTA is only 72 hours.


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