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  • Raising Children in Canada

  • Raising Children in Canada

    The second largest country is by right one of the best countries for raising children. According to the UN, Canada is considered the best country for life. The conclusion was made after studying factors, such as: general standard of living, ecology, safety, affordability and quality of education. People, appreciating qualities such as courtesy, self-restraint and calmness, will find the idea of raising children in Canada really appealing. It is these qualities that will be instilled in your children from an early age.

    School education

    YOu will find a large number of schools in every province. Schools are divided into 3 main groups: private, state and church-parish. Schools are also distributed by districts; this is why you have to make sure which area your place of residence belongs to. Don’t forget to find out about ratings of schools, the teaching program and possible additional subjects that can depend on the type of school. In addition, schools might provide you with a list of extracurricular lessons for your child.

    There’s also a separate training program (IEP – Individual Education Program). This program allows you to get individual training for children with disabilities: problems with hearing, motor skills, vision, speech, autism, lack of attention, development delay. The program is aimed at special training for the subsequent successful integration of children with disabilities into society. It is worth noting that the Canadian program for handicapped children is considered the most successful and professional in the world.

    Why Canada in particular?

    Canada is a country where each child is treated as an individual worthy of respect. This is part of the state policy which stipulated a large number of laws aimed at protecting the rights of children. The laws are aimed not only at protecting children from violence, but also at affirming their rights to express themselves. There is a special training approach for children in Canada’s educational institutions: a policy of mutual respect for children and teachers.

    A huge number of entertainment and educational activities are aimed at developing the potential of kids and their areas of interest. Children are encouraged in their self-development which is one of the main objectives of the country’s educational system.

    Safety in schools and on the streets

    For any country, one of the most significant indicators of the quality of life is the crime level. The lower the crime rate is, the better the country is developed in terms of spiritual, social and economic progress. Due to the country’s lowest crime rate, Canada remains the most attractive country for immigration. Much of the credit for what the country has achieved goes to active citizenship and professional work of police


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