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  • Renewing / Extending a Study Permit

    During your studies in Canada, you may need to extend or re-new your Study Permit. It is very important to submit your application before your current status expires. Failure to do so will require that you return to your home country in order to apply.
    As long as you submit your application for renewal/change of visa before your current status expires you’re considered to be on “implied status” as a temporary resident, until you are informed of a decision regarding your application.
    You must comply with any conditions of your Study Permit, such as restrictions on fields of work and the number of hours you are allowed to work. In the event that you lose your status in Canada due to failure to comply with the conditions of you permit, you will be able to apply for a restoration of your status in Canada within 90 days of losing it.


    Renewing/Extending Your Study Permit

    If your Study Permit expires before you complete your program of study, you will need to renew your status. It is recommended to submit your application for renewal at least 30 days before your current status expires. You may apply online or by mail.
    If you are studying in Quebec, you will also need to obtain a new Certificat D’acceptation Du Quebec (Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)).

    Changing Schools

    In some cases, you may need to obtain a new study permit when changing educational institutions. Visa officers may state a specific institution on your study permit at their own discretion. It is your responsibility to check whether your permit contains this type of restriction.

    If you need any help with renewing your study permit, please contact us.

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